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Volcanic rocks (lava rocks) for landscaping

Volcanic rocks (lava rocks) used for landscapingVolcanic rocks (or volcano rocks, or lava rocks) come in three types, red-hot, black and sunset.

Red-hot volcanic rocks have the color of red bricks. while black lava rocks have any colour from gray to black and sunset is a combination of red-hot and black.

Lava rocks do not fade as their colour is natural, conserve moisture in the soil, help control weeds and serves as a natural insulation for plant roots. It is simple to use it in landscaping and provide a beautiful effect.

We supply all types of lava rocks all over Cyprus. We offer both wholesales for professionals, while as always private owners are most welcome.












Click on pictures below to see a bigger view of volcanic (lava) rocks projects we have done, many of them combined with artificial grass installation.