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Artificial grass (synthetic lawn) supply and installation in Paphos and all over Cyprus

More and more gardens and parks are equipped with synthetic lawn. Innovative appearance, numerous varieties and multi-functionality clearly make it an alternative to natural grass. Besides, it can be used where natural grass won’t grow.

LG Green offers top quality artificial grass (synthetic lawn) in Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca – all over Cyprus. We supply synthetic lawn for use in gardens and for sports, like football and tennis courts. Our artificial grass has very natural appearance and is absorbent and fully quaranteed.

Artificial grass at cheap prices

As we import the synthetic grass we offer, we can offer it at cheap, very competitive prices. We import and provide top quality artificial grass (synthetic lawn). We provide different types of artificial grass, according to its use. Artificial grass is great for landscaping, around a pool, tennis courts, football courts etc. Our artificial grass is clean, safe, non-toxic and low maintenance.


Once installed, our artificial lawn requires just a minimum level of attention to stay in optimum condition. Another thing to consider is the fact that in many cases, the addition of synthetic turf to one’s front lawn or backyard enhances the home’s property value and aesthetic appeal.


The balanced color and structure combination makes our artificial lawn the perfect fit for residential use. Comfort, natural looks and low maintenance are the clear, obvious advantages. Especially in areas like Cyprus, where many times the rain is a lot less than what we need, artificial grass is a very good solution in order to conserve valuable water- and money!

We supply both other professionals (whole sale) and individuals as well. For individuals, we undertake everything from advise as regards the type of synthetic lawn that best suits each case to supply and installation.


Safe, non-toxic, low maintenance artificial grass for various uses
Artificial grass (synthetic lawn) used for landscaping
Artificial grass used on a football pitch (synthetic tartan)

Artificial grass projects

Over the years, we have completed many projects using articial (synthetic) grass for many satisfied customers. Images from some of our projects can be seen below. Click on images for bigger view.

Synthetic grass used on a futsal pitch

We have undertaken a couple of projects to cover futsal pitches with artificial grass. Below you can see photos with the steps from the beginning of the project to the completed project, with a finished pitch delivered to a happy customer. Click on images for larger view.