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Fertlizers importers and distributors in Cyprus

… for healthy trees and plants

We are importers-agents in Cyprus of Master Line by Valagro S.p.A. premium quality EC fertilizers (made in Italy) at very reasonable prices.

The Master line is a complete range of water-soluble microcrystalline fertigators sodium and chlorine free, that are totally and immediately soluble,specific for fertigation systems.The diferrent formulations have been designed to meet the nutritional needs of all crops, in each crop phase and each type of soil, ensuring improved yields and quality.

Also we offer the Iron chelate FERRILENE TRIUM® , which is the latest technological innovation within the line: the result of research and development, marking a turning point in the treatment of iron chlorosis through a multi-strategy approach.

We are the distributors in Cyprus for ONE Concentrated liquid fertilizer for healthy and lush plants and flowers.

Its liquid format, rich in colour, thick and creamy texture, allows you to dilute ONE easily and quickly and is ideal for plants and flowers in your home, terrace, balcony and garden.

Thanks to a nutritional blend of natural substances and microelements, ONE stimulates the natural metabolic processes of plants, ensuring a lush and balanced development. Prestigious universities and research institutes demonstrate the undisputed effectiveness of ONE.

Fertilizers are essential for trees and plants, as they supply them with nutrients that are essential to their growth.

We provide the following types of fertilizers:

  • Fertilizers for lawns and nursery plants
  • Fertigation fertilizers for open-field growing
  • Fertigation fertilizers for green-house growing
  • Iron chelates
  • Microelement based fertilizers
  • Seaweed formulations

As with all our products, we supply other professionals (wholesale), while at the same time private owners are most welcome.

You can contact us to give you a fertigation program according to your corp needs.

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